Below you will find the questions that are frequently asked about Cycle Choice products. Please make sure to contact our Customer Service Team when you have any additional questions. 

Please see the gift card Frequently Asked Questions directly below.

How can I check the balance on my Cycle Choice gift card?
To check the balance of your gift card, please click here or dial the phone number on the back of your gift card (0121 260 2849).
How long is my Cycle Choice gift card valid for?
Your gift card is valid for one year after purchase. Please note that the date of purchase can be different from the date you have received the gift card. Therefore you should always check your balance online. To check the validity of your gift card, please click here or dial the phone number on the back of your gift card (0121 260 2849).
The validity of my gift card has expired, what can I do?
Once your gift card has expired it can no longer be used. Cycle Choice offers a grace period of 3 months after expiration of your gift card. To apply for a new gift card, please contact us via our contact form with your gift card number and request for a new gift card. An administrative fee is charged to replace your gift card. The costs of replacing your gift voucher with a plastic gift card are £6.95. You will receive your gift card within 14 days after we have received payment of the administrative fee. Your new gift card will be valid for 12 months. Please click here for the terms & conditions.
My gift card is invalid, what can I do?
Gift cards are activated at the point of sale. If your gift card is invalid this often means that the merchant has not properly activated the card. 
– If the gift card was bought in store, please go back to the store with your gift card and sales receipt to have it activated. 
– If your gift card was bought online, please email us with your card number and orderID. 
– If you’ve received your gift card as a gift, please check with the giver of your gift card where it was purchased.
I have lost my gift card, what can I do?
The gift card is not personal so therefore it cannot be replaced when the gift card gets lost or stolen.

How can I pay with my Cycle Choice gift card?
When paying the bill, present the gift card to the cycle shop and let them know what amount you wish to pay for with your gift card. You can choose to either pay the full amount of the bill with your gift card (if the balance is sufficient), or split the payment between your gift card and other payment method.
Do I need to spend my gift card at once?
No. You can use your gift card multiple times, as long as the card is valid for and the balance on your card is sufficient. If the payment amount is less than the gift card amount, the remaining balance will stay on your gift card as long as it is valid for.
Where can I spend my Cycle Choice gift card?
The Cycle Choice gift cards can be spent in a selection of cycle shops across the UK, such as Giant, Rutland Cycling and a handpicked selection of independent cycle shops. Please click here to search for shops nearby. Please note that this list is subject to change.
Can I spend my gift card in shops that are not shown on the website?
No. The Cycle Choice gift card can only be spent in shops that are shown on the website. If a shop of one of the participating chains is not on the website, please contact us with the name and location of the shop.
What can I spend my gift card on?
Your gift card can be spent on all cycling products such as bicycles, helmets, cycle accessories etc.
Can I use my gift card to pay online for cycling accessories?
No, you can only use your gift card to pay in the cycle shop.
Can I spend my gift card at any time?
Yes, your gift card can be spent at any time as long as your gift card is valid and has a positive balance.
My gift card did not work in the shop, what can I do?
Please note your gift card must be processed as a MasterCard, not as a gift card. Please check with the staff if they have used the correct method of processing. If your gift card still does not work, please contact us with the shop details, details of your visit and gift card number for assistance.

Can I return my Cycle Choice gift card to the store?
If you bought a Cycle Choice gift card in store the return policy of that store is applicable.
What is your return policy?
Please click here to see the return policy of online orders.

Do you have a different question?
Please contact our Customer Service Team through our contact form or call 0330 123 3469.