A bike is best when it’s carrying you from A to B and providing a thrilling experience at the same time. But when you have arrived at the office, or the shops, or back home again where do you keep your pride and joy? Good bike storage is about safety and security. Simply locking it to a fence leaves it open to the elements, and to the eyes of thieves. Far better to find some other kind of space for it, but these days space can be hard to come by. Luckily, there are a whole host of options out there for the security-savvy cyclist – and don’t assume you can’t keep it indoors, even if you’re already full to bursting.
Whether you’d like to join a club, get out and about with like-minded cyclists, improve your fitness, or start cycling to work on the rush hour cycle routes of London, group cycling can be very rewarding. If you are new to it however, it can also be a little confusing. In this post we explain how you can get involved without holding up the group… or causing a pile-up on the first corner.
During winter, the inherent hazardousness of jumping onto a bicycle is compounded by unfavourable weather. For one thing, the temperatures are lower, which is unpleasant in- and-of- itself.
There are a few housekeeping tasks and tips which will help you get the best from your bicycle.Naturally, this includes the metronomic rhythm and enviable physique that’ll propel the vehicle. Keeping your bike in good nick will help you to avoid costly repairs andreplacements, and make life in the saddle just that little bit safer.
Cycling is like any other form of exercise; you’ll only get as much out of it as you put in.While a leisurely ride through the country is sure to provide you with plenty of entertainment and fresh air, it won’t have the same effect on your body as a gruelling series of high-intensity intervals.
As hobbies go, few can match cycling for sheer practicality. The pastime ticks several boxes it provides a means of losing weight and keeping fit; it allows you to get out and see the countryside; it's fun in-and- of-itself; and, perhaps most importantly, it allows you to get from A to B without spending a packet on fuel or sitting in a tedious traffic jam.
We all understand that exercise is good for us. But this understanding is just the beginning of a lifelong mission; to reap the benefits of exercise, we need to do it, rather than just giving it some wistful thought
Cycling is a fantastically rewarding way to get from one place to another. After a modest investment in equipment, you’ll have a means of propulsion that’ll trim your waistline and allow you to explore in style.