How to Store Your Bike

Bike Storage; Before You Buy

Firstly, let’s look at some of the things you’ll need to consider before you decide on the best method of storing and securing your precious bicycle.
1. Space. If you live in a tiny flat or apartment, then you’ll need to be a bit more creative than if you have a garage.
2. Security. Will you be storing your bike in a space that other people have access to, such as a communal entrance or a shared garage? If so, then you’ll need to think of additional layers of security to put opportunist tea leaves off.
3. Fixtures and fittings. If you live in a rented property, you may need to ask permission from the landlord to install wall/ceiling hooks or make other changes to your environment.
4. The weight and size of your bike. You don’t want it to come tumbling down off the wall, or not fit in your newly purchased bike shed.

The Best Way to Store Your Bike in a Small Space

If space is at a premium, it doesn’t mean your bike has to suffer! Here are some creative space-saving storage solutions to consider.

Wall Mounts

These are great for small spaces, can be easy to put up and can sometimes provide you with a handy shelf to boot! Some wall mounts enable you to hang your bike vertically so you only need to lift the front wheel into position – great if you have a free corner. This solution isn’t so good for heavier bikes and you should always check that the mounts and fixings will be able to handle the weight before you start.

Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are simple, quick, and easy. Once you have attached them (usually by simply screwing them in) you’re good to go. They’re a low priced option that will save you valuable floor space and make your bike look like a piece of art. You’ll need to keep it fairly clean though, unless you’re going for a Jackson Pollock theme.

Hoist Bike Storage

No wall space available and floors crammed full of furniture? Then it’s time to consider that valuable ceiling real estate. Hoist bike storage uses a straightforward pulley system that allows you to lift your bike up and out of the way. This is great when you’re really pushed for space, but some models require a minimum ceiling height so check before you buy.

The Best Way to Store Your Bike in a Garage or Shed

If you’re lucky enough to have a garage or a shed, you’re already half way there in terms of security. Here’s how to make the best of these kinds of spaces.

Freestanding Racks

Freestanding racks can be great if you have a few bikes in the household because they can often accommodate more than one. Installation is a breeze as in most cases you’ll just need to get them out of the box and set them up. Just don’t forget to factor in the clearance space you’ll need around the rack once bikes are loaded on.

Floor Stands

You roll your front or back wheel into it and hey presto, your bike is stable, upright and off the wall. This is a quick and easy storage solution that can even be portable in some cases, but it’s not going to make your bike any smaller, so you’ll need the floor space.

Kick Stands

The humble kickstand is the simplest solution on the list. Once attached to your bike, you can stand it up anywhere, any time without need of a wall. Whilst convenient, it won’t save you much space as a storage solution, and unless you’re storing your bike in a locked indoor space, it won’t offer you any security either.

Ceiling Mounts

Ceiling mounts can be a simple solution and a great use of space if your garage or shed is getting a little full. The hooks themselves are simple to install but you’ll need to make sure you can locate a joist that will bear the load of the bike or bikes you’re planning to store up there before you start.

Bike Storage Furniture

Storage furniture is a clever solution to the storage problem. Imagine a portable shelving unit with a bike on top and you’re pretty much there; it’s a great use of space.  There are slots in the top of the unit that you position your wheels in to hold the bike up. Just make sure that the slots are the correct width for your tyres, otherwise your bike won’t be supported. This also means your new bike might not fit!

Bike Pulley Storage

Earlier on we talked about hoist storage, and this kind of pulley-based system will work just as well in a garage or shed. It’ll save your floor space and can also look pretty cool as well. You’ll need some fairly high ceilings to make this work, though, and some models can be quite a big job to install.

The Best Way to Store Your Bike Outside

If keeping your bike outside is the only choice for you, then don’t despair; you still have some good options. And you might not have to clean it every time you get home!

Bike Covers

A bike cover is simply pulled over your bike to keep the worst of the weather off while it’s stored outside. They are cheap and can also be good for long-term storage, as they will keep dust and other debris out. Whilst certainly better than leaving your bike open to the elements, bike covers will do nothing in terms of security.

Bicycle Sheds

A bicycle shed is your secure outside storage solution if you don’t have a garage or other shed. As well as keeping bikes out of view, they are lockable and provide a reasonable amount of security. Bicycle sheds can accommodate more than one bike, and usually don’t take up too much space. However, if you are getting a bike shed to house a lot of bikes, it might be worth considering a standard shed as the footprint won’t be much bigger, and think of all the extra goodies you could store in it!

Bicycle Tents

If you have a floor stand, rack, or kick stand, you could consider a bicycle tent. These are small, usually only slightly bigger than your bike, and also portable which is great if you need storage at work as well as at home. However, whilst they do keep your bike out of sight, they offer little else in the way of security.
No matter what space or budget you have available to you, there are steps you can take to make sure your bike is protected and secure. But whatever action you decide to take, take it before the thieves or the weather take theirs!
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